PyroPrinter™ - простой чпу выжигатель    

Pyroprinter ™ X is a simple device for pyrography on a wooden surface with a nichrome wire. It does not require complex maintenance. The device is a great solution for hobbies and small businesses with minimal investment. You can burn photos and pictures on plywood with PyroPrinter™ X and make original gifts.

Device version "X": has speed increased up to 15%, produces more shades and is easier to maintain.
  • The working field is 420x420mm (can be enlarged up to 420x920mm);
  • OS Windows XP - Windows 10. Android;
  • The Pyroprinter X control program comes with the device;
  • USB or WiFi connection;
  • Autonomous and quiet operation;
  • Burning time of one A4 format piece of art takes about 60 minutes;
  • The device automatically turns on before the operation begins and turns off at the end;
  • The technology of image and materials preparation also comes with the device;
  • Power consumption is not more than 150 watts.
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Pieces of art made with PyroPrinter ™


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