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What is the difference between "X" version and the previous ones?
All previous versions of the device were good and did great woodburning. However, we did not want to stop there. We had a great desire to do more and better. To make it real, it was necessary to change the mechanical part, get rid of numerous wires between the control unit and the device, and create prospects for the future. New mechanics, electronics, and software were developed
As a result:
  • Speed ​​increased by 15%;
  • The number of shades grew. In version "3" the shades were already burned at a very high-quality level at normal speed. However, with an increase in speed, the number of shades strongly decreased in the light range. This issue has been fixed;
  • The control unit has become a part of the machine. Now only the power wire is visible and can be connected with the moving part. This greatly improves the safety and reliability of the device;
  • The possibility of using other tools appeared: a laser, a plotter knife, a pencil, an impact socket, and so on.
How to assemble the device?
Assemble step by step as it is shown in the video.

The result should be the same as in the photo.

Can you share more details about PyroPrinter software?
The software does not require registration or keys. It can be installed on any number of computers. Very simple and intuitive. The software displays all the necessary information: current coordinates, remaining time, filament temperature, speed coefficient and more.

How to install the floating head properly?
When enabled, the wire should be at the edge of the ruler on the right side.

How to install plywood?
It is necessary to fix the plywood with a wooden item as in the photo.

Watch video for more details.

How to prepare plywood?
If it is not prepared, then the result is unlikely to be positive. Usually, shades from light to light brown can be burned on plywood. A contrast image is not always easily reached. The surface must be prepared. For this, a solute of peroxide and soda is used. Read more in the instructions.
How to prepare image?
A short video instruction on how to prepare the photo.

Why do you need a ruler?
The ruler cleans the wire from soot and fixes the plywood. Plywood should be under the ruler.

Why do you need a brush?
We clean the ruler from soot with a brush. While working, you can clean the wire when it is on the ruler.
What to do if the lines appear on a picture?
Possible reasons:
  • If there is any draft, it must be eliminated;
  • Weakened retainers on the floating head (4 items);
  • The cleaning ruler doesn`t work. It may be dirty, or the filament temperature is very high. Also, it may be needed to renew scratches on the ruler;
  • It is necessary to burn only along the fiber. Across the fiber, the wire slides like on a comb, and the result is usually bad;
  • The floating head doesn`t move smoothly;
  • Inspect the filament cable. Maybe there is a mechanical defect somewhere.
What is the optimal temperature for a filament?
Should be a little scarlet (just a bit in the dark). There is no hard criterion on how scarlet exactly it should be. It may need to be adjusted for new plywood. Don't forget to check if the filament is well screwed to the floating head. Contact weakens with time and because of exposure to temperature. The heat is changed by pressing the “T” key, then “-” to decrease and “+” to increase.
How to calculate image size for pyrography?
The PyroPrinter is set to a dot spacing of 0.35 mm.
mm / 0.35 = number of pixels
number of pixels * 0.35 = mm
Example: You can get an image of 200 x 300 mm by converting the original one to 571 x 857 pixels.
Laser or nichrome?
The laser can't do halftones. It imitates halftones with a density of dots. The image looks like it was printed in a newspaper. Nichrome makes halftones qualitatively. The laser is used for technical products, nichrome is used for artistic ones.

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